Friday, April 24, 2009

A Sweet Suprise !! Thank You Priyanka !!

- To My Sweet Heart Priyanka
- From Yours Loving Bony
Priyanka - 1:17AM - Happy Anniversary! 24th April if u remember.
Bony - O yes. I remember. Thank you and same to you.
24th April. This day we do not celebrate as our marriage anniversary, instead we celebrate as our committment to each other anniversary. The same day in the year 2003 was special for us when we decided to spend our lives together, and share our happy moments and sad moments throughout our life. It was and is indeed a special day ! It is not very often that I forget this day, and even I dare not forget ever. But somehow at the last moment it went off my mind, and the greeting came from Priyanka first. It was a present SMS though - a quite surprising, pleasing, and it brought me back to my minds.
In the morning when I was about to go to office after waking her up as usual to lock the door, I felt something odd. I think I missed out impressing her and presenting her with a gift on this day this year. Her looks were questioning me the same. Hence this. I could not find a better way of making this up. Priyanka's mood was dull since day before yesterday night when she was feeling bored, and called me for dinner to her office, but I was too tired and could not take a step put of my sofa - my comfort zone. Sorry for that ! I felt it ! But I was too tired and weak to go ahead. So I was still finding a way to impress her, and then this came out of the blue. My first ever blog ! She called up today again and wanted to have something nice for dinner. Pizza Hut ! Like a stroke of an hour of the clock, it rang in my mind. I drove down to her office, picked her up, and drove down to Madhapur Pizza Hut. A nice surprise was waiting on my way again - A Fruit Gatteaux and Pappu - the most eligible and hungry bachelor. She ordered her to get it. It was awesome.
I will never forget this wonderful, silent and darting straight into my heart gift. It was a wonderful time spent after two boring and dull days which I would like to forget. We followed it up by cutting them together and relishing them down our food pipe. We followed it up with garlic bread and pizza.
This blog is a gift in return, a small one though, not very surprising either, neither very creative, but this is the best I could gift today. I love you hamesha, and will hamesha Priyanka.

P.S. Actually I tried to blog this by creating a collage in the background, and then setting text on top of it. I was successful in doing that using Picasa, and then created a gif, but when I tried to apply it, it is not stretched fully. Then I couldnt extract the text from Picasa what I wrote, and hence had to retype the text. Ha ha ha LOL !!!


  1. hmm nice one dude :)
    Wish you more of these anniversaries and nice moments..

    And dont worry, will be always ready to help you guys.. with the arrangements and with the cakes ;-)

  2. All I can say is I am falling in love again !!
    Everyday I love u more and more and more :)