Friday, April 24, 2009

A Sweet Suprise !! Thank You Priyanka !!

- To My Sweet Heart Priyanka
- From Yours Loving Bony
Priyanka - 1:17AM - Happy Anniversary! 24th April if u remember.
Bony - O yes. I remember. Thank you and same to you.
24th April. This day we do not celebrate as our marriage anniversary, instead we celebrate as our committment to each other anniversary. The same day in the year 2003 was special for us when we decided to spend our lives together, and share our happy moments and sad moments throughout our life. It was and is indeed a special day ! It is not very often that I forget this day, and even I dare not forget ever. But somehow at the last moment it went off my mind, and the greeting came from Priyanka first. It was a present SMS though - a quite surprising, pleasing, and it brought me back to my minds.
In the morning when I was about to go to office after waking her up as usual to lock the door, I felt something odd. I think I missed out impressing her and presenting her with a gift on this day this year. Her looks were questioning me the same. Hence this. I could not find a better way of making this up. Priyanka's mood was dull since day before yesterday night when she was feeling bored, and called me for dinner to her office, but I was too tired and could not take a step put of my sofa - my comfort zone. Sorry for that ! I felt it ! But I was too tired and weak to go ahead. So I was still finding a way to impress her, and then this came out of the blue. My first ever blog ! She called up today again and wanted to have something nice for dinner. Pizza Hut ! Like a stroke of an hour of the clock, it rang in my mind. I drove down to her office, picked her up, and drove down to Madhapur Pizza Hut. A nice surprise was waiting on my way again - A Fruit Gatteaux and Pappu - the most eligible and hungry bachelor. She ordered her to get it. It was awesome.
I will never forget this wonderful, silent and darting straight into my heart gift. It was a wonderful time spent after two boring and dull days which I would like to forget. We followed it up by cutting them together and relishing them down our food pipe. We followed it up with garlic bread and pizza.
This blog is a gift in return, a small one though, not very surprising either, neither very creative, but this is the best I could gift today. I love you hamesha, and will hamesha Priyanka.

P.S. Actually I tried to blog this by creating a collage in the background, and then setting text on top of it. I was successful in doing that using Picasa, and then created a gif, but when I tried to apply it, it is not stretched fully. Then I couldnt extract the text from Picasa what I wrote, and hence had to retype the text. Ha ha ha LOL !!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Probably this is the day I was eager to face,
Probably because I can now feel my life's grace;
Probably this was not what I wanted,
Probably beacuse I will be now taken for granted;
Probably I should have felt this before,
Probably I should have urged for more;
Probably I didn't get you,
Probably my heart didn't hear you;
Probably I loved you long ago,
Probably still as so much so;
Probably you didn't ever think about me,
Probably you won't ever feel for me;
Probably you are thinking I have gone crazy,
Probably my confronted image on you is hazy;
Probably I am in a fray,
Probably only you can make me gay;
Probably you will prove me wrong,
Probably with the clock's dong;
Probably I should confess :Without you my life is in a mess.
So no more proabability,
It's time to face the reality...
You are no more my best friend,
It's something more from you I demand !


What a lovely gift God chose -
Such a glittering figure to pose,
As the third heart which beat together,
When other two unite under same feather.
You are eye-dazzling when you are nude,
Seeing you a man turns such rude,
Others infront of you look so meek,
When a sun bath is what you seek.
Whenever you are in my hand,
My images queue up in a band,
Pure than the purest soul,
Seek you answering the last roll.
Let me call you belle-laide,
But for this I am not paid,
Shaped and distinct with edged features,
You rouse animal emotions in bilegged creatures.
Eavesdrop, your habit under stress,
When Miss is being engaged to become Mrs,
But strongest heart is what you bear,
And being envied upon is what you fear.
Yeps for Dr. White, he won thee in a bargain,
Ooh B-girl, that was a real gain.
Look she was held by stupid aged urchin,
Mother Nature, you gonna keep her a virgin.
Palaces are from where you receive calls,
Nay! now let me tell to my pals,
Yes you are not a mere blonde,
You are a DIAMOND.
May it be a sign on a betting card,
Or be it a baseball ground full of mud.
But for it Miss Right bumbles aufwiedershein,
Coz' Mister Laffs offered her 'Heera Sada Ke Liye'......


Natural beauty, only this is what I claim,
Which makes me from inside,
a lame...Might be this is the only thing you possess,
Or might be, I didn't want anymore to assess.
Beauty stranded!
That's why this world made you branded.
But they all lost in the race,
The race to add in their life a bit of grace.
Probably you didn't get me,
The thing is simply a 'he' winning a 'she',
Coz' in the meantime,
You lost heart to someone might-be-fine.
Who knows what the future beholds,
Saying this my hand folds!
That is why I ran for cover,
But still I wanted something in you to discover.
Time was high, tide was high,
But the only thing that mattered was, I was shy.
Will this be the end of the story...
Will my life loose a glory...
Still love you dear,
And I say this with no fear,
End history claims it was not your fault,
With pain my pen is forced to a halt.

FOR YOU, O FAIR LADY (Just for Aish.This poem won me an international award)

Such lovely eyes,
Where else can I find,
It makes me sand blind,
Contemporary cat-like on which my heart plies.

Countless dense black hair,
Seeing which arouses my desire,
One of them kissed your cheek,
Alas, I infront of you look so meek.

Those widespread red lips,
How feminine you look when you travel in ships,
With a lovely little-big nose,
And such shaped ear to pose.

You stand so tall on your feet,
You make the hearts infront of you beat,
Worthy to be one of beauty queens,
And I say you look ultimate in jeans.

As I see you more and more,
My heart feels Aur Pyar Ho Gaya but has no pore,
Dil mein aata hai Josh,
And seeing you my tongue blabs gosh.

I dance with your Taal,
Enough, now let me tell to my pal
Ssshhh... you are not a pariah,
Yes, you are Aishwarya.


"Time and tide waits for none",
Truly said by a great son,
A son was he indeed,
As from the nature only did he his heart feed.
Rightly said "Some people are born great",
But he was a person with the greatest fate.
Though I have something in it to prove wrong.
Though I know it will bw an unsung song.
Time has divisions,
Tide do not have revisions.
We can definitely plan out a time,
But can never say "This tide is mine."
Another contrast will soon join.
'Love and Friendship are like two sides of a coin'.
Might be you are my best friend.
Might be I am your true friend.
This infact will not hurt,
No matter how far we part.
But what will happen to the true fact,
My love, will it remain intact.
I graved my feelings long ago,
But being with you this cannot forego.
I know I cannot commit,
As my life will never give me a permit.
But please for God's sake,
Atleast once you say, be it a fake.
Then I can come to know,
Not again in my life I have to bow.
Today sitting by the seaside,
I shout out to the moon on the other side.
My love will never subside.
Please solace my heart taking my side.

BELLE - LAIDE - A poem on prostitutes

You are such a lovely bint,
For that to say let me give a hint,
Carved by nature, decorated by God himself,
Yes you are only to be kept on a shelf.
I cant but call you belle-laide,
For thee in thy life did fade,
All day you lie on the bed,
And thou on a lewd force doth raid.
What happiness does that give you?
Ugly little earnings, does that help you?
Hey listen, life is just like a firefly,
And only in your darkness will it reply.
It's time now, you walk on another road,
Coz' you have much in you for your man to afford.
World is a stage, you an actor,
Woo a single man, as that is a factor.
Everyone has to answer to God,
And you will be treated as a mere fraud,
So please take a welcomed shelter,
My word, things for you will get better.